Designed to implement applied tasks of controlling technological equipment:

• supports connection of up to 48 UIS and BOOM

- equipped with O-BUS and P-BUS interfaces

• provides the ability to segment the network

• contains a set of library functions to solve a wide range of automation tasks

- explosion-proof design for placement in zone 2 or B-Ia

Processor: ARM Cortex

RAM capacity: 32 MB

ROM Capacity: 16 MB

Expansion capabilities: up to 40 UIS or BOM per AIS, up to 200 AIS in one network

Module polling cycle: from 0.5 ms

Control program cycle: from 10 ms

Interfaces: 2xO-BUS, 2xP-BUS

Supply voltage: 24V (+10% -20%) DC

Power consumption: no more than 1.5 W

Operating temperature: -40...75°C

Explosion protection marking: 2 Ex nA op is Gc IIB T5 X

Type: aggregate intelligent station

WxHxD: 200x100x80 mm

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